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My guarantee

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But How Effective is the Training?

I'll be the first to admit I love meeting people and training in a live classroom. At first, I was very skeptical that this would even work at all. In fact, I didn't even want to do all this work to create this environment. Then on 9/11 our world changed.

I was supposed to be conducting training across the street from the World Trade Center in New York City on that day, but the class had canceled a few weeks prior. However, after that day companies placed their employees on travel restrictions, conferences were canceled or were poorly attended and basically the public training business was bad for about nine months.  That all caused me to drastically reconsider the possibility of effective web-based training.

While there has been scholarly research on the question of e-learning effectiveness, I'll let some of our past participants give you their comments:

Basic Training in Software Testing participants say:

"As someone with both no experience and little knowledge of software development/testing, I was rather daunted to take this course - however, testing is a new skill I'm being required to learn. Despite the limitations of the online environment (and my own sorry lack of training), I thought you did quite well. Nothing can truly replace the actual experience of the classroom, but this flowed well and the instruction was engaging. I am still daunted by software testing, but I feel far better armed and prepared to face the challenge after completing your course. Thank you!"

"The areas that I needed a better understanding and the modules cleared up any questions I might of had pertaining to the subject. It was comforting knowing that I could email or talk to Randy directly over any concerns or questions I had pertaining to testing in general."

"My background is 'business analyst'; so much of this info was a refresher for me. However, there were many things that were different and I found them to be very informative." 

"Overall the class was very good. I didn't know what to expect when taking it and I was greatly surprised. Randy really does understand what testers go through."

"A nice meaningful learning experience!"

"It was all valuable...you learn something from everything presented to you."

"I thought all was valuable. Easy to listen to." 

Gathering, Documenting and Testing User Requirements participant says:

"I have been learning this trade by sinking or swimming, and I am learning that these are the concepts I already follow, as a matter of logic and good planning, but I am young and have little industry vocabulary for these concepts. It will make me more effective in my job.

What is the most value to me is that this course has increased my confidence in my own performance--being young and new to this field, I have suffered under the bearing of contractors with agendas. They have much knowledge to offer, but it is usually laden with agendas. So this course gave me more information that I can use to wage more effective debates on, for example, how to proceed on particular projects.

It was all good. If there was something I already knew in detail, I was able to skip to the next slide."

Structured User Acceptance Testing Fast-Track Course participants say:

"Very well done. Course is advertised as an 8 hour course -- took me about 16 hours to go through it. It's like packing a college semester into 8 hours. ... It went a long, long way in teaching me UA from QA. And the whole process is foreign to us -- we will be implementing most of the Planning processes soon thanks to this course. I've already spoken to my manager. Implementing it will not mean more work; it will mean working easier and saving time! I like to work smarter - so thanks!!"

"All information learned was valuable."

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