1 Day

This workshop is designed to help current and prospective inspection moderators learn the fine points of effectively running an inspection meeting.

The moderator is the key role in performing effective inspections. When the moderator is not aware of the human factors, such as negativity and fear, the entire inspection process is at risk of failure. On the other hand, when the moderator can put the inspection team at ease and run the meeting effectively, people will find more defects faster and feel more positive about the inspection experience.

This workshop reviews the inspection process briefly and discusses the team's roles, especially those of the moderator. Then, the rest of the day is spent performing inspections.

As a result of attending this workshop, people will leave with the skills and experience to feel more comfortable in moderating inspection meetings.


Attendees should have had previous training in the inspection process. Prior inspection experience is desirable, but not required.


Module 1 - Things an Inspection Moderator Needs to Know (1 Hr.)

  • A quick review of the inspection process
  • Inspection team roles
  • Moderator duties
  • Do’s and don’ts of inspections
  • Scenes of software inspections
  • 7 habits of highly effective inspection moderators


Each attendee will get the opportunity to serve as the moderator in a simulated inspection with given problem scenarios. Each inspection exercise will be analyzed and discussed by the teams. Each team will have an observer to provide objective feedback.

Each exercise will take approximately 45 minutes: 30 minutes to conduct the session and 15 minutes to discuss the session and answer questions.

Scenario 1 - Unprepared participants

Scenario 2 - Negative attitudes

Scenario 3 - Product not ready for review

Scenario 4 - Non-participation and excessive participation

Scenario 5 - Distracting behavior

Scenario 6 - Excessive conflicts

Scenario 7 - Trying to solve the problems in the inspection meeting

Closing Thoughts and Questions (15 minutes)