marketsserved governmentflagAs a leader in a government agency, you have many concerns in fulfilling the mission of your agency, such as dealing with supplier quality issues, budget constraints and regulatory changes.

The one thing you don't have time for is technology problems. I work with government leaders to help make your technology work for you instead of against you.

I often tell agency heads there are two places you don't want to me after a project launch - on the TV or the front page of USA Today.

However, by applying the concepts you will find on this site, I can help you find an additional 15% or more in your software development budget.

Plus, I can show you how to reduce the risk in software projects and streamline the software delivery process to get new products to your stakeholders  faster.

Wouldn't it be great to have a world-class IT operation that is aligned with your agency's goals?

If these ideas sound interesting to you, just contact me for a free, no obligation initial consultation.