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clock2This workshop is designed to teach people in a tutorial/workshop format how to plan and conduct a performance test. The objective of this course is to define the processes, tools, issues and challenges for performance testing in a variety of environments – web, client/server and mainframe.

Attendees will leave this session with practical experience in planning and performing load and stress testing.

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ISTD - Performance Testing (1:30)

  • Key Concerns
  • The Challenge
  • Hitting the Performance Wall
  • Performance Testing Terminology
  • Prerequisites
  • Load Levels
  • Load Levels with Response
  • Type of Technology
  • Web Load Testing – Connection Speed Makes a Difference
  • Web Load Testing – Audience Location Makes a Difference
  • An E-Commerce Schematic
  • Client/Server Load Testing
  • Mainframe Load Testing
  • Manual vs. Automated Tools Common Problems and Pitfalls
    • Which Tools are Applicable?
    • How Can Tools Help?
  • Memory Leaks
  • Anatomy of a Boundary Violation
  • Anatomy of a Memory Leak
  • How to Test for Memory Leaks
  • Bounds Checkers
  • Example: NuMega Bounds Checker Interface
  • A Performance Testing Process
    • Define Objectives
    • Prepare Test Plan
    • Profile Performance Levels
    • Define Processes to be Tested
    • Execute Tests / Record Performance Data
    • Analyze Performance Test Results
  • Building and Controlling the Performance Test Environment
    • Hardware
    • Tools
    • Data

ISTE - Performance Test Tools (1:30)

  • How Tools Help in Performance Testing
  • The Challenge
  • Hitting the Performance Wall
  • What to Look for in Tools
  • Tool and Vendors How to Analyze Test Results
    • Commercial Tools
    • Open Source tools and Freeware
    • Mainframe Tools
    • Memory Tools
    • Structural Analysis & Measurement Tools
  • How to Find the Right Tools
  • Common Tool Problems and Pitfalls

Workshop - Building a Performance Test Plan (1:30)

In this exercise, attendees will work as a team to develop a performance test lan based on a case study exercise.

Workshop - Performing a Performance Test (1:30)

In this exercise, attendees will install and configure a freeware performance test tool, create test data and conduct a performance test of a sample application.

Summary and Final Questions (:15)