SeleniumThis workshop is designed as an introduction to the popular Selenium family of test automation tools. This course will cover some aspects of Java coding and the sample code under test, but the main objective is to gain a good working knowledge of Selenium for functional test automation.

You will learn the major building blocks of Selenium, along with how to use tools such as Firebug, Firepath, and the Java Development Kit (JDK) in the process of creating automated tests.

Each step of learning will contain a hands-on lab where you will be able to go step-by-step through the process of creating and modifying automated tests.

In addition, you will learn good practice for designing automated tests so they are


maintainable and reusable in a test automation framework. You will also learn about how Selenium and Appium can integrate with testmanagement tools.

We introduce Appium and how to use it to test native Android apps.

Finally, once you understand how to use Selenium WebDriver and Appium at a basic level, we cover how to know what to automate and what is needed for successful test automation.

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View e-Learning module “Introduction to Java” (1 hr.)

View e-Learning module “Overview of Selenium IDE” (1 hr.)

Module 1 – Introduction to Selenium WebDriver (1 hr. without set-up tasks) (Topics marked with * may be performed in advance of the class as part of the training environment set-up)

Module 2 – Going Deeper With WebDriver (4 hrs.) 

Module 3 – Selenium Test Frameworks (2 hrs.)

Module 4 – Appium Basics (2 hrs.)

Note: This module requires the Android SDK, Appium, and an initial app to be installed. To test iOS apps, a Mac environment is needed.

Module 5 – Knowing What to Automate (1 hr.)