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testplanningIf recent research is accurate, most U.S. software development organizations do not employ consistent processes to build or acquire software projects. The good news conveyed in this course is that the project frameworks and processes are available. 

This course shows you how to make processes a reality in your organization! IEEE/EIA standard 12207-1997 is a foundational standard that provides a framework for developing and/or adopting lifecycle processes for your own organization and projects. 

The idea of a life cycle implies that the project will use an approach that extends from project inception through ongoing maintenance. This is a practical workshop with many exercises to help you immediately apply the concepts in the IEEE standards. 

Your instructor will be Randall Rice. You will learn the terminology, process, and challenges of standards in the real world. As a result of attending this seminar, you should have a good working knowledge of some of the most important and helpful software engineering standards and what it takes to to make them a reality in your organization. From this workshop, you will leave with a practical understanding of IEEE/EIA Standard 12207-1997for Software Life Cycle Processes and how to tailor and apply it in your projects.  


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Content and Structure

Module STDA - Introducing the IEEE Standards

Module STDB - Applying Standard IEEE/EIA 12207 for Software Lifecycle Processes

Module STDC - IEEE 12207 Project Life Cycles

Module STDD - Applying IEEE Standard 12207.1 for Life Cycle Data

Module STDE - Applying IEEE/EIA Standard 12207

Module STDF - Software Lifecycle Processes Summary