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One of the most common complaints from software testers is the lack of time for testing. Actually, if you had all the time in the world, you still wouldn’t have the time to completely test most software due to the possible combinations of conditions. So the issue becomes how do you know what are the most important things to test?

Risk is an important consideration in any software project context, but there are some special considerations in agile projects using Scrum. This workshop emphasizes those considerations and has exercises based entirely in the agile Scrum context.

This workshop is an experiential journey in learning how to apply a sound understanding of risk in the planning and performance of software tests. You will learn proven and practical ways to assess risk from the project, technical and business perspectives. You will also learn how to apply the various levels of risk in test planning and performance. Finally, you will learn how risks can be missed and misinterpreted.

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Module 1 – Introduction (1 hr.)

Module 2 – A Project View of Risk (2 hrs.)

Module 3 – The Product View of Risk (2 hrs.)

Module 4 – The Business View of Risk (1 hr.)

Module 5 – Risk-based Test Planning (1 hr.)

Module 6 – Practical Methods for Risk-Based Test Estimation (1.5 hrs.)

Module 7 – Risk-based Test Performance (1 hr.)

Module 8 – Expressing Test Results in a Risk-based Way (1 hr.)

Module 9 – The Risks of Risk-based Testing (1 hr.)

Module 10 – Summary (.25 hr.)