ISTQB Advanced Security TesterLength: 4 Days

Format: Live In-house Instructor-led, Public Courses, LIve Virtual and e-Learning




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With the prevelance of cyber security breaches, it is clear that more attention is needed in testing that security defenses are in place and working effectively. This course and certification covers much more than just penetration testing. Certainly, penetration testing is an important part of security testing, but there are many other threats and vulnerabilities that require other security testing approaches. This course follows the ISTQB Advanced Security Tester Syllabus and is written and presented by Randall W. Rice, chair of the ISTQB Advanced Security Tester Syllabus Working Group.

To sit for the ISTQB Advanced Security Tester exam, you must hold the ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level (CTFL) designation (or equivalent) and have 3+ years of software testing and related experience. Basic security and security testing concepts are assumed knowledge. We have another course that covers Foundational Security Testing (a non-certification course) that is helpful in building knowledge of basic security testing concepts.

Exercises are performed for every K3 and K4 learning objective.

Major Learning Objectives:

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About the Exam

The Advanced Security Tester exam is 2 hours in length and contains 45 questions. A score of 65% must be achieved in order to pass the exam.


Module 1 - The Basis of Security Testing

Module 2 - Security Testing Purposes, Goals and Strategies

Module 3 - Security Testing Processes

Module 4 - Security Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle

Module 5 - Testing Security Mechanisms

Module 6 - Human Factors in Security Testing

Module 7 - Security Test Evaluation and Reporting

Module 8 - Security Testing Tools

Module 9 - Standards and Industry Trends